Investment Opportunities

Research & Development

At nzymSys, our current research, development and certification efforts are focused on four opportunities for application of our technologies.

Biogas clean up:  Partnering with a UConn researcher, nzymSys is in the process of certifying the effectiveness of our desulfurization product.  Biogas energy generation plants require an effective method of cleaning sulfur from the fuel used, providing a ready market for this advanced product.

Cold sterilant:  Based on our products' highly effective ability to kill bacteria and mold, we are aiming to introduce a non-toxic, non-acidic cold sterilant product for medical, pharmaceutical and other uses.

Agriculture: Farmers and food distributors need an effective, organic fungicide to reduce losses incurred during production and shipping.  Our product will save agrifood businesses money by dramatically reducing spoilage.

Bedbugs: Hotels, institutions and individual homeowners provide a large potential market for a product to eliminate bedbugs without adding other health concerns.  Like our other commercial products, our bedbug solution is non-toxic, can find the target (bedbugs, in this case) and kill them anywhere, leave no allergenic potential behind and provide residual protection after applied.


If you are interested in partnering with nzymSys to bring products like these to market, please contact us for a discussion.